Morso Forno – a versatile outdoor stove

The Morso Forno outdoor stove may be an outdoor fireplace that is easy on the eyes, but it is also a truly versatile cooking stove, making it possible to cook crispy, airy pizzas in only a couple of minutes or vice versa braise meat slowly in a pot. With the help of some accessories, it’s easy to smoke fish or grill nice stripes onto the meat and vegetables. Nothing stands in your way when you want to bake a cake or a loaf of bread in this oven.
The interior shape of the Forno oven is similar to the Italian stone oven. A wide fire chamber with a low ceiling produces heat that radiates to an optimum effect, and there is more than enough space for firewood which can be pushed aside when cooking. The oven is made from strong enamelled cast iron which lasts for many years if used and maintained correctly.
The Forno oven can be placed on a special table which raises it to a convenient working height. The outdoor table with its stainless steel handles and strong rubber wheels can easily be moved to exactly where you want it. The big space under the table is ideal for storing firewood, fresh food products, spices, etc.
Inspiring recipes for testing the Morso Forno oven can be found on YouTube.