Where to start?

Start from the beginning. Think about your requirements and needs, and the options you would like to explore. Then contact Ulaelu and we can agree on a meeting. A meeting does not tie you in to agreeing to anything. We will listen to you and reach for a common vision.


Why bring Ulaelu on board?

We have been engaged in the design and realisation of outdoor kitchens as of 2012. The creative core of our team includes a product designer, an internal architect, and an architect, all of whom will do their best to make your dreams come true.


How much does the design cost?

The price of design depends upon the amount of work involved, reaching from a couple of hundred euros to a couple of thousand euros. The design stage does not mean that you have to order the manufacture of the outdoor kitchen from Ulaelu. However, if you wish, Ulaelu will prepare a budget which is based on the Ulaelu project and will offer outdoor kitchen appliances as well as construction.


How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?

The price of an outdoor kitchen is directly dependent upon the size of the outdoor kitchen and the choice of appliances. Since we use high-quality products and materials in our work, the price of more expensive projects has reached 40,000 euros. You can get a great solution for less than 10,000 euros.


Is it possible to purchase the products offered without ordering the design?

Yes. You do not have to order a design to be able to purchase the products offered by Ulaelu; several products are completely separate and will still suit your current kitchen or outdoor terrace.


How long does it take to order an outdoor kitchen?

If you would like to use your new outdoor kitchen in the spring, then the design work should begin in the previous autumn or at least in the winter, since the delivery time for some products is approximately twelve weeks.


Do the prices on the website include value added tax?