Ulaelu Custom

We combine what the client desires with our knowledge and experience. The result is like the work of a tailor: it fits well and is comfortable to use. We pick up where the architect left off. The Ulaelu team will be just as equally challenged by your outdoor kitchen as by an open or covered terrace, a pavilion with dining and lounge areas, a campfire site, or an outdoor pool.

Similar at first glance, but on closer inspection not just similar, but always different and special.
How come?

This simple wall-mounted modular system is flexible, allowing it to meet the individual needs of each customer. High quality and durable structural materials, and natural stone or ceramic worktops and cover panels ensure quality for years to come.

1. worktop
Finish: natural stone or ceramic, material thickness 20mm. The surface of the worktop is 900mm above the floor.
2. modularity/worktop sizes
Kitchen modules of 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, and 1200mm, depths of 600mm or 700mm.
3. shelf
Finish: natural stone or ceramic. The top of the shelf is 170mm above the floor.
4. drawers
Widths of 400mm and 600mm, load capacity 40 kg. We use the Blum Legrabox drawer system, stainless steel content, soft-closing drawer, mat on the bottom of the drawer. Drawer depth approx 270mm.
5. waste sorter
2 x 12L waste sorter, plastic, with removable lid.
6. sink
Our most commonly used model is Blanco’s Andano, width 500mm or 700mm, finish: stainless steel, milled flush with the worktop. Alternatively, Franke Kubus stone sink, width 500mm, finish: black.
7. taps
For a 700mm-wide sink, a pull-out tap, and for a 500mm-wide sink, a standard tap. Finish: stainless steel or industrial black.
8. gas burner
Beefeater Proline burner, finish: stainless steel; or Pitt Azuma, finish: black (the latter for roofed outdoor kitchens only).
9. gas barbecue
Beefeater Proline gas barbecue, six burners, finish: stainless steel.
10. background
Natural stone or ceramic, material thickness 20mm or 12mm, integrated LED backlight, dimmable.
11. sockets/switches
Berker K1 series.
12. gas tank
Sunbrella black fabric bag to cover the 5kg cylinder.
13. service hatch
Water and drainage connections hidden behind the back cover. Push-to-open access.

1. The exterior is carefully finished and is further treated with a stone preservative. The drawer support brackets ensure accurate installation and the drawer runners close silently

2. Weatherproof electrical accessories: sockets, switches, and light sources fit discreetly into the kitchen.

3. The sink is recessed precisely into the worktop. A beautiful, flawless and proven solution.

4. Water and sewerage connections are hidden behind the back cover. Access via a “push-to-open” hatch.

5. The customisability of Ulaelu CUSTOM also allows the possibility of being able to create unique details and solutions for each project.

6. The bin cleverly hides in a 400mm-wide drawer.

The outdoor kitchen which is designed by Ulaelu sits seamlessly on the white concrete wall of the Black House: minimalist form, good proportions, quality details, user-friendly and practical in every way. Exactly what the owner wanted for their terrace. In my opinion, it is a well-designed outdoor kitchen which fits perfectly with the architecture of the house.

Martin Aunin, architect