About us

Ulaelu was born out of a love of food and eating by its creators, Raul Tiitus and Kaido Kivi, and – in order to take advantage of Estonia’s meagre summer weather – the desire to do it comfortably outdoors. It is from this same desire that Ulaelu’s outdoor kitchen was born: a simple-looking frame with a worktop which can be combined from different elements: a sink, a charcoal grill, or a wooden or stone worktop. The outdoor kitchen was warmly received, being presented at various fairs, from Helsinki to Cologne and Milan.

Over the years and by listening to the needs of more and more customers, the company’s focus has shifted from single products to creating complete solutions for outdoor kitchens.

Ulaelu’s work starts with the design and ends with the delivery of the finished kitchen, while also including the supply of all necessary products from our partners, such as gas grills, outdoor fireplaces, smoke ovens, refrigerators, sinks, taps, outdoor showers, heaters, etc. As people have different habits and different requirements of use, every situation is a challenge. But one thing remains the same: the principle behind Ulaelu’s purpose to create only high quality products. Stainless steel, granite, and thermo-treated wood are the most frequently used materials. And what about the name? We wanted an Estonian word with a cool sound and a twist which would also describe what we do. ULAELU. Founded in November 2012.