Ulaelu collections

Ulaelu has been in business since 2012, when we began offering MODULAR kitchen frames along with MEET table and bench legs. Today, Ulaelu has added CUSTOM, ROLL, and ISLAND to the Ulaelu range, in order to satisfy the most varied customer needs, both large and small. For example, if you are looking for a complete solution, we suggest you take a look at the CUSTOM range. If you are looking for mobility, the ROLL range. At Ulaelu, we believe that life outdoors should be one of pure pleasure, and we want to help you create a solution which precisely meets your needs.

Ulaelu Custom

We combine what the client desires with our knowledge and experience. The result is like the work of a tailor: it fits well and is comfortable to use. We pick up where the architect left off. The Ulaelu team will be just as equally challenged by your outdoor kitchen as by an open or covered terrace, a pavilion with dining and lounge areas, a campfire site, or an outdoor pool.

Ulaelu Modular

Easy – just use what you need
Flexible – create your own set
Outdoor furniture – durable outdoors

Ulaelu Roll

Inspired by the popularity of ceramic barbecues, Ulaelu’s range includes a collection called ROLL. Ulaelu’s ROLL is a mobile barbecue stand with a worktop and a shelf, which can also be fitted with a sink or a gas burner module if required.

Ulaelu Island

If you don’t have any wall structures and also don’t have the option of being able to build them, or if the layout requires an island-type solution, then the Ulaelu ISLAND outdoor kitchen, further developed from the CUSTOM collection, is a good choice, as it rests on the floor and can accommodate a whole family or a group of friends during any cooking. The combination of possibilities on offer are endless. For more information on the functions of the various modules, see the Ulaelu CUSTOM collection.

Ulaelu Meet

The bench and table, which started with the Ulaelu MODULAR outdoor kitchen, have won many friends over the years. The table and bench are borne out of table legs and wooden planks. You don’t need any tools to do this because planks of the correct thickness affix the table or bench at exactly the right height, with only gravity to assist. The legs are available both on their own and, if required, together with planks. Whatever suits you best.