Ulaelu provided interior design work for R-kiosk

On 12 October 2017, R-Kiosk proudly opened its new-look shop in Tallinn Airport. This company, with its almost one hundred sales outlets, continues to produce innovations in interior design and its product range for the rest of its shops. The people responsible for the new interior design are Ulaelu designers, Raul Tiitus and Kaido Kivi, … Continued

Ulaelu is having a spot of trouble with copycats

The story of how an Estonian company which copied an Ulaelu outdoor kitchen learned a valuable lesson. http://www.aripaev.ee/uudised/2015/05/30/disainerid-hadas-kopeerijatega-ulaelu-kook-patent

Inbank hire purchase for non-business customers

If you’d like to purchase our products but do not want to pay the whole price at once, the solution is to pay in instalments. Inbank offers you the chance of taking out a hire purchase agreement for just this purpose. The hire purchase agreement is for twelve months with an interest rate of 0%. … Continued

Ulaelu newspaper Vol.1

The first issue of the Ulaelu newspaper has been published. In it you’ll find that we have compiled a selection of new and exciting options for being outside – whether it is eating, cooking, or just making the most of being outdoors. Enjoy!   Download

Ulaelu and Palmako Modular Garden™

Ulaelu is pleased to announce that a product development project has been created in cooperation with one of the biggest manufacturers of wooden houses in Europe, Palmako AS, and the design agency, Identity. The new product category – Palmako Modular Garden™ – originated with the Ulaelu designers, Raul Tiitus and Kaido Kivi, and was first … Continued

Rhubarb tarte tatin in a Morso Forno oven

You can make delicious dishes in the Morso Forno oven and you’ll find that it is also suitable for baking a cake, for example. Here is one rhubarb tarte Tatin recipe for you to try out. Ingredients: 500g rhubarb 200g sugar 25g butter 1 pack of puff pastry 1 vanilla pod 200g mascarpone cheese 1 … Continued

White is the new black

The outdoor kitchen with a sea view has everything you need to cook – a sink, a gas stove, a gas grill, a refrigerator, waste sorting bins, and a spice shelf. The work surfaces are illuminated so that you can also cook in the dark. Only high-quality and durable, weatherproof materials and appliances have been … Continued

Morso Forno – a versatile outdoor stove

The Morso Forno outdoor stove may be an outdoor fireplace that is easy on the eyes, but it is also a truly versatile cooking stove, making it possible to cook crispy, airy pizzas in only a couple of minutes or vice versa braise meat slowly in a pot. With the help of some accessories, it’s … Continued

Ulaelu took part in a film clip for the Estonian Patent office

Why protect industrial design? Ulaelu was one of the companies to participate in a film clip which was produced with the cooperation of the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the Estonian Patent Office and which explains why you need to protect your creation, how you should go about doing it, and where to get … Continued